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                                                   How much will it cost ? This a depends on a number of factors, the time t                                        and location of the event, the duration of the event, the pre-event planning, the n                                       number of guests and the nature and complexity of the event. Currently you may                                   may expect to pay around 250 for a Professional Toastmaster at a f                                        formal wedding, something less at a simple ceremony.

                                        For a Corporate or Civic Dinner, or Presentation, around 150, but please beware, p                                       prices in any major city, especially in London, can be far in excess of this !

  You may wish to choose a Toastmaster from a Professional Association such as,                                    

                               The Association of The UK School of Professional Toastmasters.   

Should you do so, you can be assured that they have been professionally trained and are governed by a very      strict code of conduct. They will also possess the necessary Public Liability insurance required by all Local Authority owned venues, and will have the backing and support of their  fellow Toastmasters.

As individuals, Professional Toastmasters are free to charge whatever they want,  there are no fixed fees, they will be guided by their costs and demand, but any Professional Toastmaster should be happy to discuss their rates and give you clear guidance on the expected costs to you.


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